Popularisation of khadi

As part of popularisation of Khadi / Handloom cloths,the Government had issued a G.O. (MS) No. 131/06/IND dated 30-12-2006 with a solicition to the effect that all Malayalees especially government employees should wear Khadi cloths at least once in a week from 1-1-2007 onwards

Similarly the Chief Minister of Kerala had solicited the entire Malayalees to wear Khadi cloths at least once in a week for creating more employment opportunities in the Khadi/Handloom sector and inculcating the pride of Swadeshi

The Government vide G.O. (P) No. 78/2007/ID dated 18/6/2007 have approved the Industrial & Commercial Policy 2007. The main activities proposed to be done for the popularisation of Khadi sector in the Industrial & Commercial Policy 2007 are given below:-

  • Encourage all Malalyalees to use Khadi and Handloom products through Mass Campaigns inculcating the pride of Swadeshi.
  • Inspire Government Servants, students and other sections of the society to wear Khadi and Handloom at least once in a week.
  • Formulate special scheme and assistance to set up industrial units under Khadi & Village Industries Board ensuring good returns on their produce