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 The marketing of the Khadi and Village Industries products is done mainly through three types of sales outlets-Khadi Grama Soubhagya, Khadi Soubhagya and Grama Soubhagya. The Khadi Grama Soubhagyas are the sales outlets run directly by the Khadi and Village Industries board. The Khadi Soubhagyas are agency bound sales outlets working on the basis of sales incentives. The sales outlets adjoined to the spinning and weaving units are the Grama Soubhagyas. The Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board has 40 Khadi Grama Soubhagya show rooms, 46 agency Khadi Soubhagya outlets, 131 Grama Soubhagyas and 3 mobile sales van introduced in Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Palakkad Districts. All put together there are 218 sales outlets in the State.  In 2014-15 the Board has achieved the sales of Rs. 48.40 crores. In order to enhance the sale the Board is conducting sales exhibition in festival seasons. Board conducts State/ District level sales exhibitions with the financial assistance of KVIC. The Board is regularly participating in the International Trade Fair at New Delhi every year. The Board participates in sales exhibitions conducted by other States as well. Special sales exhibitions are also conducted to promote sales of Village Industries products produced by the units financed under PMEGP scheme. 


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 The fair products such as Kuppadam colour dhotis, bleached Kuppadam dhotis, bed sheets, Manila shirting,  Kuppadam double dhotis, khadi eco-friendly khadi branded Summer cool, Mileni, Leader and Royal Indian readymade shirts, cotton mattresses, and Bengal, Pochampilli, Tusser silk, Kantha silk, Bathik print, and Payyannur pattu saris, Chithali Pattu sarees, and Ananthapuri Printed silk Sarees and other products include pure coconut oil, gingely oil, Agmarked honey, washing soaps, toilet soaps, pickles, Bakery Products, Leather chappals and wallets, ladies bags, rice powder attractive and affordable handicrafts products made in wood and metal for various purposes, masala powders, sandalwood oil, and Ayurveda medicines, Beauty items, Terracota items, cand& wood  furnitures are showcased in our showrooms.