1920 Nagpur session (1920) the Indian National Congress decided to encourage "Khadi". The first Khadi Production Centre was established at Katiawad, Gujarat, Mahatma Gandhi used to refer to Khadi as "The livery of freedom"

1923 Development of All India Board under the Indian National Congress by Gandhiji.

1925 Setting up of All India Spinners Association (AISA) / Akhil Bharat Charkha Sangh

1935 All India Village Industries Association (AIVIA) was formed.

1946 Govt. of Madras sought the advice of Gandhiji and set up a Department for Khadi.

1948 Govt. of India recognized the role of Rural Cottage Industries in the Industrial Policy Resolution, 1948. Constituent Assembly included Cottage Industries in Rural Areas among the directive Principles of the Constitution in Article 43. These ideas were elaborated in the First five-year Plan, which laid down the Policy framework for setting up of a body for Khadi and Village Industries. Central Govt. also recommended for setting up of a Board.

1953 In accordance with these recommendations, Govt. of India set up All India Khadi & Village Industries Board in January, 1953. (AIKVIB)

1955 It was decided that a statutory body should replace the Board.

1956 Khadi and Village Industries Commission Act 1956 was passed.

1957 Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board Act (Act IX) was passed and The Board came into existence.